Gallery 2022 – 2023

 History – World War II

The children in maple have enjoyed learning about World War 2 through the text of Rose Blanche. The children have developed a love of reading and enjoy learning through a thematic approach

Pizza Making

This week Acorn and maple have been for a trip to pizza express to make their own pizzas, learn about different foods and try new things.


New Year Plans

Fantastic first week back for maple and acorn class!  We have been reflecting on our achievements of last year and making plans for 2023!


Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts are plenty this week with a whole day dedicated to baking, making our very own Christmas t-shirts, decorations and, making beautiful wooden Christmas tree. Our parents and carers will love our personalised gifts this year.


Sensory Vist

Look at these happy faces at our regular trip to the sensory space centre in Preston 😁



Pizza Making

These young master chefs have been incredibly busy baking their own pizzas. They used scales to weigh out their ingredients and used all equipment safely.


The Gunpowder Plot

The children in Maple have been learning about The Gunpowder Plot this week, in time for Bonfire Night this weekend. They have enjoyed reading the historical story together, ordering a timeline in chronological order and filling in a fact file all about Guy Fawkes. The boys have worked really hard this week, we are all very proud of them!
















Slime Making

Making Monsters


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