Gallery 2022 – 23

Pizza Making

Oak had a lovely morning at Pizza Express in Hale. We had a look around behind the scenes to learn how different foods are stored for food safety.



Great icing skills on display here.

Life Skills

Wiring up a plug. It isn’t often we have to have to change a plug but so important to get right.

First Aid

Good work everyone in the First Aid training on CPR and defibrillation.

Food Technology

Everyone loved the fabulous stir fry they made using lots of fresh vegetables and spicy sauces.

Snowball fights

Winter sports!


A fantastic move for ‘Rocking’ (around the Christmas Tree)

We had to guess who the members of staff were being represented

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We have been making Christmas gnomes/ gonks to decorate the tree. Great team work from everyone getting the trees assembled and ready to be decorated.

Food Tech

A satisfied baker with his focaccia. It took patience to wait for the bread to prove but it was well worth the wait

Electronic circuits

This week we have carried on investigating electricity, creating circuits to light bulbs and using switches.

Food Tech – Apple Crumble

Oak class have been making apple crumble. It smelt and tasted delicious.


Electronic circuits

Making electronic circuits: Oak created circuits to make bells ring, lights light up and whizzers to fly – sometimes in combination.

Halloween Party

Members of Oak dressed for the Halloween party. Well done Char for making her own costume – lots of red wool gone to a good cause. Fantastic costume Harley, we were all very impressed.

Specially prepared ‘pumpkin face jellies.

Proud maker of a pumpkin piñata made for the Halloween party. The pumpkin did not survive the party.

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